Checker League: Games And Fun In Journalism

The usage behaviour of recipients is changing. As a result, traditional journalism faces new challenges. Marketing, sales, use and presentation must adapt to the digitized communication channels. Due to media and journalism, you can know more about mmr checker league.mmr checker league

Digital devices enable users to access information and news on the Internet anytime, anywhere. This not only creates new requirements for the preparation of content but also means that established forms of financing for media companies are disappearing.

According to the long-term study by the Media Trust Institute for Journalism at the Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz, trust in Internet sources is low. And, according to Bitkom studies, users prefer the offers of classic media houses. However, the Digital News Report 2019 proves that very few are willing to pay money for digital offers. However, the effects of digitization are not limited to forms of presentation and financing. Due to the omnipresence and fast pace of the Internet, attention is becoming a precious commodity.

The main task is to explain

The contribution of journalism to the public opinion-forming process is to inform the public about political, economic or cultural issues relevant topics. It is not enough to offer news in an appropriate quality and insufficient scope. The information must also be prepared in such a way that the recipient can select, absorb and understand relevant content. It is precisely at this task that the media seem to fail.

In order to be able to explain a fact to a user, however, it is first necessary to capture their attention and then hold it long enough for them to read the explanation at all. This is particularly difficult when 59% of readers of online news only read the headlines. More than half of the links shared had no clicks. So users didn’t read the articles before sharing them.

Learn playfully

One promising form of presentation that combines entertainment and information are news games. These video games tell a journalistic story with the help of their game mechanics. The player understands the connection by acting it out.

However, not every video game that is based on a true story is also a news game. Only games that have been produced by an independent media organization and that serve to educate and impart knowledge are considered news games. It is precisely true when it comes to imparting knowledge that news games show their strength.