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Terms Of Service

I. Author's Rights

       A. Copyright
              a. Authors Retains 100% of copyright
              b. They are encouraged by AYJW to get published elsewhere
       B. Free*
              a. Free Membership
              b. Free submission
              c. Free classifieds
              d. Free resumes
              e. Free media directory
              f. Free college directory
              h. Free games
              i. Free prizes
              j. Free email
              k. No Gimmicks - entirely funded by sponsors and generous donors
       C. Ability to get published
              a. 6000 media
              b. No commission/fees
              c. Authors negotiate their own price if selected for publication

* Free in terms of money

II. Use of Website

       A. Copyrights
              a. AYJW website is copyright The Association of Young Journalists
              b. Images belong to The Association of Young Journalists
              c. Articles, resumes, and classifieds belong to their respective authors
              d. Reproduction of copyright material is forbidden without permission from owner
       B. Trademarks
              a. The Association of Young Journalists
              b. The Association of Young Journalists and Writers
              c. AYJ
              d. AYJW
              e. UniversalJournal
       C. Fair use of material
              a. Must have appropriate credit
              b. Must contain link to
       D. Contacting
              a. Staff - must use form (no spam)
              b. Members - form coming soon
       E. Logging & Cookies
              a. Logged for traffic monitoring
              b. Cookies for hit counter
              c. IP address logged for security
       F. Violation, Spamming, or Tampering Server will not be tolerated

III. Membership

       A. How to join
              a. Use join form at
              a. Membership is entirely free
       B. Benefits of joining
              a. Ability to submit writing
              b. Post free classifieds
              c. Post free resumes
              d. Eligible for prizes
              e. Support for writing community
       C. Privacy
              a. Information stored in secure database
              b. Forgot password emailed only to owner email
              c. Minimization of spam
       D. AYJW/UniversalJournal
              a. Store personal info
              b. Email to personal box
              c. Share info w/ affiliates
       E. Obligations
              a. None except to abide by these terms
       F. Cancellation
              a. Any time via email
       G. Grounds for revocation
              a. Plagiarism
              b. Abuse
              c. Spam or commercial use

*AYJW reserves the right to revoke any membership

IV. Writing Submission

       A. Copyright
              a. Authors retain copyright
              b. Authors grant AYJW perpetual right to display writing upon submission
              c. Auhtors grant fair use to readers for quoting work
              d. Available for sale to media by author
       B. Censorship
              a. AYJW supports 1st Amendment
              b. Disapprove negative targeting or discrimination that is:
                       1. Racial
                       2. Religious
                       3. Extremist
              c. All writing subject to approval to appear on website
       C. Plagiarism
              a. Do not submit plagiarized writing
              b. Do not plagiarize material on this site
              c. Plagiarism is grounds for removal
       D. Conditions for removal
              a. Inappropriate or illegal content
              b. Wrong category
              c. Plagiarized
              d. Any other reason deemed inappropriate by AYJW or the writing community
       E. Publication
              a. All writing eligible
              b. Author negotiates price with publication through AYJW
              c. AYJW mediates process
              d. Publication not guaranteed

V. Age Requirements

       A. Especially aimed at high school & college students
       B. Anyone who likes to write
       C. Anyone who considers him/herself young

VI. Awards, Rewards, Prizes

       A. Contests
              a. Contests are judged by editorial staff and judges
              b. Sponsors may have final say in presentation of a prize
              c. Currently offered only to none-professional writers

VII. Scholarships

       A. Scholarships terms outlined here

VIII. Other Terms

       A. AYJW reserves the right to revise these terms without notice


The Association of Young Journalists
The Association of Young Journalists and Writers