Why Journalists Should Have A Website

These days, journalists are making a strong virtual presence featuring their content and their work. This is the main reason that journalists would need to have their own place online by having a personal website.

A website creates a first impression so that it’s important that your website is done correctly because this will represent who you are and what you do. In essence, your website is your online portfolio. It is a place where you could save all your work for easy presentation. You don’t have to be your own web designer (but you can always hire one) but you can get the needed codes, gather ideas, and read more reviews (click here for website hosting reviews) about how to make a strong and impressive personal website to represent YOU. Now, you can start with easy to use platforms online.

Listed below are easy to use platforms when you are ready to create a journalist website.

Platforms to start a journalist website

WordPress. This is a free and easy to set up platform that can host your personal blog. You will find a multitude of designs and plug ins to help you customize your own website. You can check out tutorials on how to do this easily. Below is a great tutorial you can watch to help you get started.

About.Me. Easy to use app that can feature your portfolio online. The design is very easy to use. Connect your social media profiles and blogs so that your clientelle can find everything about you in one place.

Pressfolios. A platform for journalists like you to make a presence for your work online. The best thing about Pressfolio is that digital journalists can easily manage stories by way of publication. Pressfolios provides digital journalists painless procedure for arranging their very own clips and writing jobs. Also, it is very easy to link up your social networking accounts to Pressfolios.

These are generally only some of the several choices you have when you wish to design your personal journalist website.

Things to consider if you want to start a website as a journalist

As a journalist, if you want to bring your work to life visually, so is working with talented and experienced web designers. Working on your website can take a lot of time and effort. Many businesses large and small hire web designers instead of creating their own, so you can focus on doing your best to run your business.

To the right of your web designer team, there are plenty of templates to choose from. You may need to set aside a day or two to discuss your website needs and what photos, clips, and articles you need. Offers.

Remember, simplicity is the key to creating a powerful visual representation of your hard work. A good design that helps readers identify the most recent content and distinguish between blogging and reporting is one way to engage with them.

Keep the following tips in mind when considering your design:

1. Choose a simple, not complex design

The pursuit of simplicity is the best way to keep your readers from getting lost on your website and delivering great results to your visitors. Simplicity means you can narrow down your choices and find what you need with just one click.

2. Consistency

Keep your website consistent. This means that you need to be consistent when choosing the best theme and color for your work. If you choose too many colors for each page on your website, your readers will feel like they are visiting multiple websites at the same time. The consistency of themes and colors allows readers to familiarize themselves with the website.

3. Express yourself

Every design, every color and every page educates the reader about your product, your business, and yourself. So choose a design that expresses your job, your niche, and yourself so that you can feel familiar the next time you visit your website.