Be on Top of your Game: Exercise at Home

What exercises can you do at home on your own to stay athletic and fit? This question is especially relevant when we are all sitting at home in isolation. Since they are basic, each can be scaled to suit any fitness level.

You can perform simpler, but no less effective, exercises with the existing weights. And playing music also helps you get motivated, and you can download music using Youtube to mp4 converter online.  An alternative for weights, it can be water bottles, rubber bands, pieces of furniture, etc.


This is a complex exercise that works on your pecs, shoulders, and triceps. The basic version of push-ups is performed from the starting position “lying on the floor”. Further, by bending the arms at the elbow joints, the body is lowered to parallel with the floor, then with the effort of the hands it is necessary to return to its original position.

During the entire movement, it is very important to keep the core straight by tightening the core muscles. The width of the arms and the change in the position of the body in space (for example, push-ups from the stool) allow you to point-load certain muscle groups.


A simple and effective exercise for developing muscles in the lower body, which is also easy to do at home. This is the most natural movement for a person who is taught in physical education lessons. When doing squats, it is important to follow the technique and avoid the most common mistakes:

  • separation of the heels from the floor;
  • rounded back;
  • look at the floor; exhale when moving down;
  • unnatural knee movement.
  • Depending on the width of the feet and the direction of the toes, you can emphasize the load on different areas of the hips and buttocks.


The hardest, most dynamic and energy consuming exercise on this list. It consists of several sequential movements. From the starting position, standing, we go to the support by squatting, then throw our legs back and take the support while lying down. We do one push-up, pull our knees to the chest and jump up with a clap above our head.

Burpee is a fundamental exercise for intense fat-burning workouts anywhere, including one of the most popular home sports exercises.


At first glance, it may seem that this is a simple exercise, but it involves almost all muscle groups in the work. The classic plank looks like this: the support is lying on the elbows, the elbow joint should be under the shoulder, the forearms are parallel to each other, the legs are pelvic width.

In this case, the back remains straight, the shoulder blades are lowered, the abdomen is pulled in, the pelvis is twisted and the buttocks are tense. With the correct execution technique, it is quite difficult for beginners to stand in the bar even for 1 minute.

Jumping Jack

A simple cardio exercise that is a great alternative to jumping rope and is primarily done as a warm-up. In the starting position, stand up straight with your legs together, arms down at your sides. Jumping up, spread your legs to the sides and clap over your head. Then, also in the jump, return to the starting position.