A Quick Guide To Home Roofing Materials

cool roofing in ConnecticutPlanning and building a cool roofing in Connecticut could be an ease especially with a reliable, qualified and skilled roofing company. Generally, a roofing project, whether in Connecticut or other places, could be overwhelming. For homeowners, a roofing system requires a large investment and might represent a considerable fraction of the cost of construction.

It is the mission of an experienced and reliable roofer to help and protect the investment of the homeowner by means of regularly implementing a full inspection as well as careful upkeep on the roof. This helps in ensuring the protection and extension of the lifespan of the roof.

When starting a roofing project, it is important that you as the homeowner have at least a basic knowledge of the different roofing systems that works well with your home and could endure conditions of the different weather.

home roofing materialsSelecting a System of Roofing

Your roof protects you and your family from different environmental elements. Hence, you need to ensure the roofing system you choose has to be something that works well with the design of your home, does its function well and could survive the elements.

Selecting an appropriate roofing system is a crucial process that needs careful and wise decisions, from the design, roofing materials as well as the features its offers. Below is a summary of the most popular materials for residential roofing to consider

Asphalt Shingles

Great for traditional homes with a suburban-style, asphalt shingles are perhaps the most common roofing material used in residential homes in the US because of the diversity of style it has, easy installation and its affordability. An architectural asphalt shingles which, in terms of look, are much thicker, has more dimension and depth, whereas in terms of affordability, a conventional three-tab shingles are cheaper.

Concrete Tiles and Clay Tiles

Concrete tiles and clay tiles are energy-efficient, non-flammable, and exceptionally durable with a particularly stylish appearance too that lasts up to 50 years. These materials are most likely to be heavy and typically need extra framing as well as a professional roofer to install it. These are great for Southwestern, Mediterranean and Spanish-style homes.

Metal Roofing

Excellent for cabins, bungalows, contemporary and cottage-style homes, metal roofing is one of the sturdiest materials available in the market today. With proper installation, a high-quality metal roofing is long-lasting which could reach 50 to 75 years. Most metal roofing are made of aluminum, copper, lead and steel, is recyclable and effectively reflects solar.


Slates come in purple, black, green, gray and red. They are excellent for European, Colonial styled homes as well as French chateau houses. This fire-resistant roofing has a distinct appearance, can last for over 50 years but requires professional and skilled installation.