Journalists Make Better Campers Social Media Managers

There are wonderful social media managers out there who are not trained journalists. But the job has parallels. Social media managers create strategic, exciting content that captivates the desired target groups. Thus, the journalistic craft is definitely good for social media managers.

Why journalists make better social media managers for campers for rent business

Journalists are curious and critical

Employing a journalist or someone with this mindset as a communicator for social media means you also have to endure uncomfortable questions. At best, journalists’ curiosity knows no bounds. This means that they also have an effect on the inside that may be irritating at first glance. At a second glance, however, they bring the company forward.

Journalists research persistently

Journalists are trained to be persistent, to double-check, and to pay even more attention to resistance. These qualities are gold for social media communication, not just when finding and preparing topics. In addition, they have usually already acquired a certain system for researching on the Internet, which your campers for rent company can also use.

Journalists are enthusiastic and people-oriented

Journalists who work or have been trained locally know exactly why these two qualities are so important. To try again a traditional, but quite appropriate comparison.

The ability to be enthusiastic has advantages for communicating the achievements of your company on social media. Journalists examine seemingly boring topics closely, lift them up, turn them back and forth to look at them from all sides, and find the most interesting aspects. Then put them back into an overall context.

As social media managers, journalists tend to focus on the why and not the how. This strengthens the reputation and legitimacy of a company on social networks.

Journalists improve your stakeholder management

Companies that really mean business and actually want to pursue an honest dialogue with the public on social networks can rely on the skills of journalists. They examine arguments carefully and formulate well-balanced answers. They always keep in mind that these answers will help people. Companies that understand community management in this way have a chance of genuine respect and loyalty.

In addition, journalists are not afraid to pick up the phone to get to the bottom of a topic. In doing so, they not only establish networks that also advance the company. They bring information into the company that can promote innovation. These are not always revolutionary ideas and the clues are often easy to overlook, but you may hit the bull’s eye if you take them seriously.