The role of journalists in politics

The journalist takes part in the function of the media system, namely the publication of topics generated in other systems. Because of the competition between the media and the journalists, the political journalist is constantly on the lookout for new, exclusive information. From his perspective, however, the interaction with the politician or the political public relations worker is not a “game” in the political system. For him, the interaction is primarily a part of the “game” with journalistic competitors for journalistic achievements and position. With “good” information, he can attract attention within his editorial team, especially when he can reach a broad media audience for these topics.

Journalists and political processes

The communication and press release activities of political organizations and politicians create a political information market on which, from the point of view of journalists and media, there is an oversupply from which to choose. Journalists and the media constantly have to make selection decisions based on the availability of the products. The following applies: very little of what journalists learn from their own observation of political processes can flow into media reporting. On the one hand, because they usually do not have the time for independent permanent observation, and on the other hand, they always need reassurance in interactive relationships. Journalists observe more than just politics. Journalists can observe companies and businesses like ارخص شركات نقل العفش بجدة as well.

Role of journalists

The role of journalists is subject to considerable changes due to the increase in media offers and new forms of organization in the media sector. For journalists, the increase in media offers leads to increased forms of competition for the attention of the public and thus also on the political information market. At the same time, the increase in media offers also results in an increase in the number of journalists, which destabilizes the system of interaction at least in phases.

With new forms of organization in the media sector, in which journalists no longer work in fixed and permanent structures such as departments, an additional destabilization occurs. The observed environmental area is smaller here, the journalists switch between different subject areas and cannot acquire any lasting competence within a subject area, but which is necessary for their role to play.