Make that Story Count!

Whether it is just a quick mention or a featured story, having your content covered by a respected newspaper, well known magazine or popular blog is a surefire way of bolstering your brand and exposing yourself to a great number of followers. What seems to be the problem here is that, it is extremely difficult especially among startups to get the media’s attention.

Not until recently, appealing to media requires a couple of things and these are:

  1. Press Conference and;
  2. Press Release

While marketers can easily afford to have press release for their best home vacuum or whatever product or service they have, only few noticed it. Top press release distribution services are sending hundreds or thousands of new releases per day – majority of which are just given a glance by journalists and then discarded.

Optimizing what seems to be a Hard Work

Press conferences may be a better option in attracting attention. The thing is, they are known to be costly for startups and at the same time, requiring noteworthy news that appeals not only to small audience but also, to general public.

The good thing is that, there is a way that you can have your content be positioned in front of bloggers, journalists, influencers as well as mainstream media.

This is by understanding the way these people write about something. By doing so, you could market your content not in a way that it would appeal to a wider market. Rather, to target specific group of people or audience who has the capability or means to spread your message beyond your means.

Where to Position Yourself Online?

Almost 2 decades ago, journalists only have two ways of getting new stories one of which is by reading PRs that are distributed through mail or via wire services and the other is by doing investigative research to get stories of their own.

But now, the internet has opened new doors for journalists to get fresh stories without spending hours reading PRs or waiting for mails. For businesses, this can be taken advantage by learning how to position themselves and strategically used online channels to get their attention.