House Building Mistakes Journal: Avoid Costly Remedial Services In The Future

When building a house, we keep facing the same problems and the same questions. These building mistakes boil down to the decision makers, the home owner and the builder. Bottom line is that the home owner is always at loss because he/she will have to hire remedial services from cpr facade upgrade specialists to correct the problem. Basically, it is often the case that builders always tend to make the same mistakes.

Common House Building Mistakes: Avoid Costly Remedial Services In The Future

Don’t be misled with flowery advertising words.

“Generous, near-natural property with picturesque old buildings and idyllic proximity to water. Here you can find peace and quiet and enjoy the silence of the forest.”

Behind a good advertising could be a disaster. The following can be concealed behind it: A permanently shaded plot of land in a ravine with a small river that tends to flood and lies on a single-lane road that is already impassable when there is moderate snowfall. But there is no cell phone reception and DSL has never seen this spot either. If you don’t want to become a hermit wild boar breeder, please don’t even take a spot like this for free.

Building a house begins with the property and you only buy it once in a lifetime. All faults in the building can be corrected later, but the property always remains the same. So don’t get a “bargain” for you. Nobody has anything to give away, especially land not at all.

The ideal property is:

  • Dry
  • Free of contamination
  • Located in a suitable area
  • Legally buildable
  • On a developed, existing, renovated or newly built street (not everything that looks like a street is one! Make sure to check in the land registry office whether the street is really listed as already built!)
  • With access to all supply and disposal facilities
  • Close enough to “civilization” and your living environment
  • Far enough from disturbances such as industrial plants, traffic routes, leisure facilities

If the properties within your reach appear to be too expensive, consider adjusting each and every one of these points – if at all possible – costs money:

  • Damp properties must be drained.
  • Uneven plots must be leveled or built on a “slope” level.
  • Loose soil requires a deep foundation.
  • Contaminated soil must be remediated.
  • Northern slopes have little sun and generate higher heating costs.
  • You are not allowed to build your individual dream home everywhere. DSL is also not available everywhere.
  • And you certainly don’t want to drive 150 kilometers to work every day either.

Therefore: You can save meaningfully everywhere and, in the worst case, have to pay the hard way. On the property, however, you only have one free shot. It is therefore better to calculate everything three times before ruling out a property that is apparently too expensive from the outset.

Refrain from professional advice: price comparison, award of contracts, subsidies, etc.

Hardly any other subject is as complex for an ordinary person as building a house. But there is hardly any other topic where there is so much monetary information. Whether you can save hard cash through simple measures or access funds worth several thousand euros – information is the be-all and end-all here. But please do not listen to friends, acquaintances, colleagues or colleagues of friends. Coaching and consulting in house building is exclusively a matter for professionals.

Build for the present instead of the future

In the 90s, the “half stairs” were all the rage among architects. The fashion has changed in the meantime, but the houses are still standing. How many house builders do you think cursed their property developer after a year at the latest when you have to walk “upstairs, downstairs” every time you go to the kitchen, the toilet or the living room? So don’t fall for trends, think about tomorrow. And the day after tomorrow: You too will get older. Then, if you don’t have stairs wide enough for a lift, you’ll remember this tip.